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4 Power Points For Your Business Growth

Today, here is a quick list of power points you can contemplate and utilize to grow your business.

1. Always be examining & developing your capacity

What is your capacity to respond to opportunity? In other words, do you know what jobs or orders you can handle and which ones you can not handle? Do you have the talent available to do what you need to deliver? If not, do you need to hire it full-time or sub-contract with someone?

2. Stay in your core competencies

Know where your sweet spot is. What you are good in and what you are not. Stay clear of things you don’t understand or where you have no experience. When you get greedy, you get stupid. Identify your ideal customer and super serve them. Do not think every customer is for you. Follow the trends and avoid the fads.

3. Grow your knowledge

Once you know your core competencies and your ideal customer, deepen your knowledge base. Become the absolute authority on these subjects. Make the decision to be a learning company and find ways to curate the knowledge so everyone can access it.

4. Grow & develop your team

Surround yourself with people unlike yourself, in that they have skills which complement yours. Let them strengthen you where you are weak. As your relationship with them deeps and grows, so will your business.

Can you add to my list?

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