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4 Ways to Show Gratitude

Many people find it hard to be thankful this time of year. Life is – well sometimes just not that great. So lets get down to the very basics. Everyone can find a way to be grateful. Here are 4 things you can do today to refocus and show a little gratitude – even on the hardest days.

4 things you can do today to refocus and show a little gratitude

Start your day with a prayer of thanks. You may have a long list of requests. Sickness, stress, finances, and various other troubles may take the lead in your prayers. But instead start your day with a prayer of gratitude. Be thankful for your life. Be thankful for those that love and support you. Be thankful for your home. Be thankful that you will eat today. There are many that do not have these things.

Say thank you when someone is helpful to you. Actually speak words of thanks. Tell them why you are grateful. It is often the little things that make our lives so much easier and more pleasant. Show your loved ones and those you work with on a daily basis your gratitude by telling them that the things they do make your life better.

Literally count your blessings. Write them down. Number them. Keep writing until you can’t think of another single thing that you like or that makes you happy. Even the little things. Sunshine. Fresh air. Butterflies. And then keep the list.

Forgive. Malachy McCourt said, “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Forgiveness gives you the freedom to move forward in your life and be grateful for the things you do have and quit pining for the things you don’t.

It may not be easy, but find a way to Give Thanks.

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