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5 Leadership Keys To Improve Team Performance

Leaders learn early they will not get where they want to go alone. Leadership is about helping those around you go to a better result with you. It is about putting people into positions where they can succeed and help the team.

Here are 5 keys leaders can utilize to help each of the team members grow, develop and reach better performance results individually and as a group.

1. Value: Leaders must always find ways to value their team members. Let them know you notice their contribution and it is appreciated. They must know how important the job they do is to achieving the overall goal. Many employees have no idea what their supervisior thinks of their performance because they think of it as conflict and confrontation. Vague and simple “you are doing a good job” comments cause people to be uneasy and energizes them to seek employment elsewhere.

2. Push: You must give people a chance to excel and achieve over and above even their own expectations. Leaders raise the level of expectations which are grounded in reality. Give them support and turn them loose to do better than they think they can.

3. Inspire: Show people the impossible can be done by doing it yourself. Hold yourself accountable for high performance and achieving bigger things and the inspiration will flow and rub off on your team members. When you make a mistake, be open about it and show how you will avoid it in the future.

4. Reward: Lofty achievements deserve lofty rewards. Let them know you believe in rewarding for results. Do not hold back on this at all.

5. Step Up: As leader there will be times where you need to take center stage, don’t take a route of false humility, when it it time to do it, do it. This is when you earn the title of leader.

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