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5 Powerful Keys To Help Connect With People

I believe in this universal truth:

Everything we have, everything we become and all we accomplish in life happens with and through other people.

One of the most important skills we can learn is how to establish rapport with another person. Establishing and building rapport with people is not being phony or acting like someone you are not. It’s about creating a favorable link between you and the other person. It’s about creating the atmosphere where relationships can become established, live, breathe and grow into a mutual win-win connection.

Learning to be genuine and connect fast with people will increase the potential of the relationship to both of you. In today’s post, I’ll give you five powerful keys in connecting with people to accomplish this.

5 Powerful Keys In Connecting With People

1. Be interested, not interesting

So many people try to connect with others by being “the most interesting man in the world”. While it makes for a funny commercial campaign and a wildly successful character, there’s a reason he is the only one. Show people you are really interested in who they are and what they want to accomplish. You will get around to talking about you, but don’t push your agenda too forwardly.

2. Be an active listener

An active listener turns down the internal dialogue and shuts off everything going on around. An active listener does not get distracted by the surrounding circumstances. An active listener is laser focused on the person they just met and what they are saying. Do not stand there with your internal dialogue waiting to talk. Keep your energy focused on your new connection.

3. Be yourself

Don’t be compelled to build yourself up more than you are. Do not overextend your behavior toward this new connection. Overextension is usually not pretty and when you do it, you are showing your worst side, not your best.

4. Smile

What does it cost you to smile? Nothing. It may be the best return on investment you ever get. Smiling sends the best possible brand message for a first impression.

5. How are you dressed?

Over dressing says you are more successful and possibly more egotistical than your connection. Under dressing indicates possibly you have no value in yourself. Equal dressing indicates you feel you are a peer. Do some research and thinking about the event and who you will be connecting with, a peer-to-peer relationship is your win and theirs too.

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