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5 Tactics to Boost Your Sales Numbers In 4th Quarter

As we wind down the month of September, we are also wrapping up the 3rd quarter of 2017. The businesses that operate their business year by calendar year will be moving into the last quarter of this year’s performance. For some, 4th quarter will be a make it or break it time, the difference in hitting goal for the year or missing the mark.

While we have a few days left in September, it’s a good time to be formulating some strategies to either spark some revenue to hit the 2017 goal or set the foundation to enter 2018 strong.

1. Add 20 new A-Level Prospects to your list and contact them

This is a prospect you most want as a new client. They need what you have. You can set your own criteria for an A-Level Prospect by deciding if it includes industry, size of company, department, level of decision maker, geography, as well as, issues and challenges they face which match your offering. A-Level Prospects should match the makeup of your A-Level customers. Just replicate that framework for the prospect list.

2. Catch up with current customers and determine upsell opportunities

Sometimes customers have dollars they have to use by year’s end or they lose it from next year’s budget. Sometimes, one simple call, visit or lunch can result in some revenue for you and value & solutions for them.

3. Ask your current customers for referrals

Why do sales people not like asking for referrals? It’s a mystery. Think about it, when you eat somewhere you really like, you enjoy sharing that recommendation with your friends and contacts. It’s the same way with you, when people enjoy working with your company; they like to pass it on to people they think could benefit as well.

4. Scan your CRM for good previous meetings that need follow up

Some sales people, especially “hunters,” move on too quickly to new “kills”. There have probably been some good meetings and discussions from earlier in the year that need follow up. You can sometimes circle-back on these and advance the sale. Remember, many prospects are thinking how you sell them is how you will service them. If you never follow up after a “no” or “not time right now” answer, they will feel confirmed they made the right decision on you the first time around. Some prospects tell you no just to see how you will respond.

5. Look through your pipeline for deals you can advance

Do an analysis of what you have pending in proposal mode and create strategies to move those to closes. Ask yourself, what would have to happen to move these to closure? Remember, you are better off with a no than to be in limbo.

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