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5 Ways To Be More Pro-Active

I’m often asked by clients how to be more proactive, how to take a leap of faith in order to move off the conceptual process and get into action mode. It’s very prudent to gather data before stepping out in any one direction, but many leaders get into paralysis by analysis, that restrictive position which keeps them from moving forward.

NASA scientists know while the rocket sits on the ground, the entire project will stay in the theoretical stage and they really won’t know anything, positive or negative, until the rocket is actually launched. Once the launch happens, feedback happens. All the instruments begin to function and the active part of project has begun, and that’s when the trajectory can be tracked toward the intended destination.

Remember this: Nothing happens until you take action.

Having a proactive approach to your life and business is a key indicator of your future success. The best way to get on a proactive growth curve is to take the leap out of formation stage and get started. You can become a total pro in taking action.

Here are 5 ways to be more proactive

One: Forget perfection. Do you avoid taking action because you want things to be perfect? Do you spend time scheming to justify continued learning as an excuse for not taking action? While learning and looking at best practices is important, at some point it is pure procrastination. Learn to say, “Good is good enough.”

Two: Take a risk. All of that calculating, planning and reworking is often done to reach perfection, or at least to reduce the chance of a mistake. It’s OK if it isn’t perfect; it’s also OK to make a mistake. When you try, you will either succeed or learn a way that doesn’t work. Either way, you’re ahead of doing nothing.

Three: Focus on a goal. When you focus on something you want to achieve, along with the reasons why, you begin to create the desire to take action. Keep your focus on what you want, and the actions to move in that direction will come easier.

Four: Do something now. Just get started. You become more proactive by taking action. Decide what’s first, or next, and take action – now. The root word of proactive is act. Momentum builds when you do something. Start now!

Five: Accelerate your expectations. Getting started is a good first step; the next step is to move faster. You become more proactive and develop that habit more fully when you put speed in your corner. Believe that you can accomplish more, try more and achieve more, faster. Then prove it to yourself.

These are just five options. All five may not match your current needs, but I am confident that at least one does. If you want to become more proactive, know that time you spend looking at the list and wondering where to start is just another form of delay or denial. Fire up your passion toward your decision or project. Your passion will not allow you to sit still; it is the fuel that will drive you toward your successful destination once you’ve taken the first action step beyond the preparation stage.

Select a place to start, and just do it!

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