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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Leadership Results

Leadership is a very energetic process. It takes full and willing commitment on the part of the leader to create ways to generate the results needed for their team, their company, and for themselves. Quite simply, getting leadership results is work. Today, in this column, I would like to outline for you some very basic steps every leader must take to generate positive results in your organization.

1. Constant Self-Discovery

Uncovering and becoming aware of your behaviors and what fuels your passion forward is so important. It produces an owner's manual to yourself to propel you through your success journey. Concentrating on your strengths, while finding ways to leverage others to compensate for your weaknesses is the fastest and surest way to better performance and successful results. You need to uncover and be aware of the giftings you have so you can hone them and develop them to a mastery level. In this process, you can develop a healthy, positive self-concept and plenty of self-confidence.

2. Capture Your Vision

Leadership conception occurs when your mental photograph of the future is taken which shows you living out the fullness of your purpose and your potential. Once that mental picture is firmly solidified, you will have a roadmap to fuel your leadership forward. Without vision, leadership is not necessary. How can you lead if you don't know where you are headed? Your vision validates and authenticates your leadership. Leaders must envision and grab on to a vision of the future that reflects the use of your gifts and the fulfillment of your purpose.

3. Share Your Inspiration

You wouldn't believe the number of people who do not talk about their business to others. You should tell everyone about your business. Everyone! Hey, sometimes if you don't blow your own horn, there isn't any music. A leader in business who doesn't talk about her business is like a baseball player at bat who only swings on but a few days. That player will miss a lot of good pitches that could be hits or home runs. The passive business leader serves no one but their competition by being quiet about her inspiration and her business. Telling everyone about your business can make a significant difference.

4. Connect To Your Principles

Leadership can sometimes require a willingness to sacrifice pleasure for the protection of purpose. Only when a leader is connected to their principles will they not give them up and use them to protect their purpose. Principles are concepts she will apply over and over again in similar circumstances. For instance, most unsuccessful leaders will allow pain to stand in the way of progress, but most successful leaders have learned to manage pain to produce progress. Every game has principles successful players master to achieve winning results. Discovering, establishing, and connecting to those specific principles will keep a leader on the straight and narrow pathway to successful growth and results. Principles that are most valuable to us come from our own encounters with situations of reality and our own reflections on those encounters. Your principles in your 20's are not necessarily the same as in your 40's.

5. Manage Your Priorities

Successful planning is the sequential establishment of priorities. Priorities are stated goals necessary for progression. Leadership is a decision of focus. What to attend to and what to let go. Successful business leaders have a narrow agenda that is pro-active attached to a concentrated to-do list with approximately five major items per day. If a leader does 25 major things per week to move their business forward, they have had a super, successful week of forward momentum. Remember, these five things per day must have a major impact on the business, they are not things you can accomplish in a few quick minutes. Leadership does not get bogged down in minutiae, but should always allow the priorities of the vision to set the daily agenda. Narrow your priorities to a few, not many.

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