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7 Qualities of Awesome Team Leaders

Just messing around on a scratch pad tonight.

Leading a team brings with it a number of challenges and can feel like no matter what you do someone will be unhappy.  So if you are to succeed as a team leader, what 7 qualities are essential to your success?

1. Great active listening

Awesome team leaders inspire others to listen well by their own listening. Good eye contact and some repeating of the instructions to ensure clarity.

2. Treating Each Individual Fairly

Not treating everyone fairly, which some folks might interpret as treating everyone equally. Yes, Albert Pujols and Peter Kozma are not treated equally, but as individuals, I’m sure they are treated fairly.

3. Having Very Clear Direction

Before giving instructions, do you as team leader have a very clear direction on where you want to go? Or, are you groping around hoping something takes shape?

4. Giving Very Clear Direction

Can you articulate the direction you want to take your team very clearly and precisely? Remember, there are people following you. As pointed out in #3, the people following along in the cars behind you do not want to feel as if you are trying to find a parking space.

5. Decision Making Ability

How good are you when the chips are down? Can you clearly identify the 30% of your decisions you will get right and how important they are. Hopefully, you will relegate the 70% you will get wrong to very small and non-impactful decisions.

6. Strong Genuine Interest In People

The influence loop begins with caring about people and taking an interest in them Remember, you have to learn to influence people and manage things. People don’t like to be managed.

7. No Hoarding

Be free in your giving to members of your team. Share what you know, your experiences, your thoughts, your ideas, you opinions while being open to hear theirs as well. Remember the give-get principle. You have to give first in order to get back.

Bottom Line – Team leadership is challenging and rewarding.  Doing some simple things exceptionally can make a huge difference to the results and success that you achieve.

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