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7 Ways To Build Courage

Building courage takes self-awareness. Knowing the things that trigger your fears gives you a chance to take them on before you are conquered by them. Here are 7 ways to build your courage to a bigger level:

1. Encourage yourself

Yes, it’s from the Bible, so it must be true. We are our own best and biggest cheerleader. This is why affirmations work so well. Talk yourself up more.

2. Sign up for a class

Confidence is a by-product of predictability. Things become more predictable the more skilled you are. Go get in a class or workshop to build your skill set.

3. Try to see life as an experiment

Whether you realize it or not, since you were a kid, you were trying things to see how they worked. This is how we learn. Be more proactive about trying different things and noting the results. This also makes you feel more in charge of your life.

4. Think of one thing you would like to ask someone you admire, then call and ask them

Who is your role model? Call them up if possible and ask them something that would inspire and motivate you.

5. Embrace Failure

Lose the failure, keep the lesson. The more failures you have brings you closer to your success. Re-arrange this wiring in your brain. Don’t allow your fear to stop you.

6. Begin saying NO

It’s hard for people to say no to other people, which is exactly why you need to start to do it more. You will also protect yourself from competing commitments. Especially the ones you didn’t want to do anyway.

7. Think of yourself creating your own future

Understanding what we want is the foundation to our happiness and success. The secret is in executing your plan every day by taking the next step no matter how difficult it may be.

What ways can you think of that would help you build courage?

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