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7 Ways To Get To Your Happy Space

  1. Grab a pen; write down 50 things you are grateful for right now!

  2. Stay away from Negative Nancy; surround yourself with people who are happy, and people who make YOU happy.

  3. Jot down your goals, and remind yourself of your WHY whenever you’re feeling discouraged. #Motivation

  4. Breathe. Just breathe. (Sing the Faith Hill song.)

  5. Take a few minutes to organize your workspace. Declutter your mind and your environment for a fresh restart.

  6. Journal. Scribble everything down on a sheet of paper and get it out of your brain. Disclaimer: Rip it up afterward if you need to dispose of pre-meditated, criminal activity.

  7. Google: “Funny Cat Videos” on YouTube. (Watch for five minutes.)

(If #7 didn’t boost your mood… well, you might be a serial killer, and we can’t help you.)

Self-Esteem Workshop

We are excited to announce that Clear Vision Development Group’s August Content Focus is Self-Esteem. Please sign up for our Monday Morning Coaching Memo and follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we will be providing content discussing the importance of good self-esteem and how to achieve it.

We will also be offering a Self-Esteem Workshop in a few weeks. You can sign up for the workshop at HERE.

For more professional development insights, sign up for the Monday Morning Coaching Memo.

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