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7 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Employees

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. It is imperative to create a company culture of gratitude toward your team. As we spend time during this season of thankfulness here are a few ways you can show your team appreciation:

  1. Pay them fairly and competitively. If they are being paid as highly as anyone else in the market, they will know you respect their work.

  2. Praise them for a job well done. Words of appreciation go a long way and build confidence.

  3. Write a note of thanks. Use an actual thank you card. This is something the employee can save to read repeatedly as a reminder that you care.

  4. Give them time off work. Vacations are for disconnecting. Do everything you can to leave them alone while they are gone.

  5. Bring breakfast or lunch into the office occasionally. Sharing a donut and a cup of coffee with coworkers creates a fun atmosphere and helps to make work more enjoyable.

  6. Offer them the opportunity of additional employee development training. Investing in them for the future builds both their professional growth and loyalty to your company.

  7. Acknowledge their efforts in front of other employees. Take a few minutes during staff meetings to offer a “good job” to those that deserve it.

These are simple ways to create a company culture of gratitude. They are great ways to connect with your team, secure loyalty and ensure happiness.

As we spend time during this season of thankfulness remember to show your team your gratitude and appreciation.

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