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8 Ways To Avoid Failure

One of the things that was hardest for me to deal with as a young leader some decades ago was failure. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure anyone ever masters the skill of dealing with failure. The best way to deal with failure is to avoid it altogether.

You might be saying “wow, you mean there are things I can do to avoid failing? speak on leadership guru man!” Yes, there are things you can look for which can lessen your chances of failing and increase your chances of success. There are no guarantees in life or 100% success formulas, however, once you see my list, hopefully it will cause you to stop and evaluate your current and future plans and make some strategic adjustments.

Here are 8 things that will cause you to fail

1. It’s not your passion

You don’t wake up thinking about it or drift off to sleep with it on your mind. You don’t love it. You don’t desire to do it better than anyone or learn as much as you can to be the expert on it.

2. You don’t have a plan

You haven’t thought it out in clear action-oriented steps you can act upon. You get caught up in the complexity of it which catches you in a total freeze-frame. You get paralyzed because you don’t know what to do next.

3. You want it to be perfect

Never going to happen. Perfection is a pipe dream. You’ll again be in the trap of inaction because you always think it’s not quite right.

4. You do not work hard

We lie to ourselves about how much effort we are actually putting toward our dreams and goals. Then we excuse ourselves because of other events in our lives and then worst of all, we start trying to get others to excuse us from what we claim to be our heart’s desire.

5. You’ve had some success in the past

You’ve gotten used to winning a certain way, so you think you are going to win that way in every thing you do. So, you never try anything different, you keep sticking to your so-called tried and true ways.

6. You won’t have tough conversations

It’s hard for you to talk straight because you are afraid of the outcome. When break down happens, you are scared to put on your big-boy pants or your big-girl pants and initiate the difficult conversation in order for resolution of conflict to happen.

7. Your dream will outgrow you

If it’s worth doing it will. If you don’t build an infrastructure of people who can do things you can’t do or even, heaven forbid, who are smarter than you, once your dream outgrows you, it will quickly crash and burn.

8. You are afraid of failure

Fear is powerful. Once you allow it to take control of you, it’s hard to break it’s grip. It also causes you to do stupid stuff. Once you accept mediocrity, it will always be good enough. Malcom Forbes said, “good enough, seldom is”. The more often you fail, the more often you’ll find success.

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