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Actions Not Led By Core Values

In ourselves, we act out our lives automatically by our core values and beliefs, whether we have articulated them or not. Superior performers do articulate them, document them and keep them in front of themselves all the time. This keep the behaviors consistent in the midst of pressures or decisions that arise.

Companies should do the same thing.

Keeping the Core Values or Principles top of mind and visible help to keep our organizational behavior consistent in all situations, positive or negative.

What about when you have an employee who really isn’t living and showing the company core values?

You must go back to the values with the employee and ask why? If you have discussed it with them multiple times over the past few months, you have more of a dilemma.

Questions you should be asking:

– Does the person really know what behaviors would be actively living or not living your core values? – Has the person shown any humility about not living them and a sincere desire to live them?

You as the leader can not just explain the values, you must also be demonstrating or living them as well. Consider explaining behavior-based scenarios to help them understand the behavior you are looking for in order to achieve the desired higher performance level.

If you continue to accept behaviors that are not in alignment with what is expected will communicate to the rest of your organization that core values are optional, and are not truly important to building the kind of organization you and your team have agreed that you want to build. It would be the same as allowing a cancer to stay in your physical body and choosing not to remove it.

In order for your company to have more superior performers, you must make the tough calls when people are not in alignment with previously agreed organizational behaviors. Also, the one tough call to coach and/or move them out if the behavior continues will help you more long term than hurt you short term.

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