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Are You the Right CEO For Your Organization?

Whether you are in the position today or perhaps it is a position you aspire to someday occupy, this article will be my attempt to have you do some self-analysis and self-evaluation. You need to understand, really understand what the implications are, what the demands are, what the position carries with it. Even my best efforts will not be able to clearly get you to really understand this, as it will only happen when you are actually doing the job. Take the President of the United States for example. At the beginning of every election cycle, 20 or 30 people run for the nomination, do you think every one of those people really know and understand what it will be like when they would have the job of President of the United States? Not a chance.

Here are two questions you need to examine:

1. Do you really deep down want to be the CEO?

2. Are you willing to do what you need to do to be qualified?

Your passion and vision will be what separates you from most others. Skillsets can be worked on, refined and equality among candidates can be achieved. What will make the difference is your passion, which will drive your resilience and your vision, which will paint the forward success picture for the company. But the first thing you need to decide is, whether or not you have the talent and are willing to work it to CEO level and if you really, really want the job.

Other valuable questions for you to honestly answer:

1. What do I value the most?

2. What kind of life do I want?

3. What is it that I truly love in my life?

4. Will my family understand the sacrifices that will demand to be made?

5. How would I like people to think of me as a person?

6. What material things do I need and want in my life?

7. How much money do I really need to do the things I desire to do?

8. Other than the material stuff, what else is vitally important to me?

You need to really consider these types of questions and do not take them lightly or answer them vaguely. Whatever your answers are, if they are honest, they are the right answers for you, and you should not feel bad about them. Do not answer them the way you think you should to get the job, that would be your first major mistake. The reason is the real, honest answers will show up in your journey, no matter if you answer them now or not. If you are not real and genuine at the beginning and the real answers show up later, that’s what causes people to believe certain CEOs are disingenuous. If you do not have true happiness within yourself during the role, you will not be successful.

This is absolutely not a comprehensive article on this subject, but I will be writing more about it in the coming entries. This is, though, a really good place to begin and hopefully before you receive the CEO job. Go in with your eyes wide open if you want to be the most successful and effective CEO you can be, because how you do in the future is how the organization will do in the future, as well.

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1 Comment

Jun 12, 2020

These are good questions to ask of possible CEO candidates , too, before they are hired.

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