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Being Vulnerable In Leadership

In my sessions with executives, a big subject we discuss is creating and maintaining trust.

You can’t create trust without meaningful and deeper conversations with people. One executive told me his observation of sone of their off-site meetings in the past. They have had drinks and cigars after the meeting. He said, “that’s when the REAL conversations about the company start!”

Why is that?

Because people relax and loosen up. They get more comfortable. They open up more.

As leaders, we have to do that more and more.

We have to practice leadership vulnerability to create more trust.

Leadership vulnerability may feel like stepping off a cliff. It is perilous. Often you are unsure of the outcome. However with practice and feedback you will discover it is not only feels good for you but is enormously beneficial to your leadership team. As you allow yourself to admit mistakes and weaknesses your team opens up and is more forthcoming with their mistakes and weaknesses.

Trust begins with being vulnerable. Having the self-confidence, assuredness and courage to admit when we make a mistake or reveal a weakness is the hallmark of great leadership.

How vulnerable do you make yourself as a leader?

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