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Business Challenge: Hiring Quality People (Step 1)

You would think this is a no-brainer right?

Your organization is only going to grow to the level of it’s leaders and it’s people who will become leaders. So many organizations are capped in growth because of the level of people they hire. They believe they are getting by with cheap labor, when it is actually costing them far more than they realize! Sometimes this cost can be as high as 3X the individual’s annual salary and any benefits. An additional complexity to this challenge is that a great fit for one company may not be a great fit for another, so then what makes a quality hiring outcome?

The first step to your success in this challenge is a high level of clarity about the position. Developing the specifications for what you want this person to do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually as well as the outcomes you want produced by this position are critical non-negotiables. Also, every stakeholder that has an interest in the success of this position should be identified. These are people who manage or directly report to the position. They might also be people who have performed in or are currently performing in this position well. This way, you have people who have buy-in for the need for this position giving you data to help you determine the key accountabilities and perhaps the key performance indicators for this seat on the bus.

This is so much more important than a job description. Don’t misuanderstand, the traditional job description is something you should create and have, but having clarity on the key accountabilities and key performance indicators is step one to overcoming this common business challenge!

Key Question–>How would you describe your ideal employee in this particular position in your organization?

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