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Capture Your Limiting Beliefs

This will sound like an oxymoron.

Have you ever thought about how your thinking holds you back? See, I told you.

Your thinking shapes your life and there are different thinking patterns within all of us. It’s generally called a paradigm. A paradigm is a philosophical framework. A philosophy. A paradigm is a collection of your particular thoughts toward a particular subject. It’s the way you view it. Some of our paradigms toward areas of our life are very powerful and fruitful, while others can be stifling and limiting. You may say, “some of my thoughts are limiting”? Yes, we all have certain thought patterns that limit us in our thinking. They may be certain beliefs or even, fears that are holding us back from a underlying desire for success.

How can we deal with these limiting beliefs?

Step One: Recognize that limiting beliefs are present

The first step is recognizing that we all have some limiting beliefs in our belief system. Think about it for a second, if we didn’t, we would never need any encouragement from another person. We would simply believe our success is certain and unlimited. However, there are limitation in our belief system, our first step is to realize the cieling is there somewhere.

Step Two: Believe that those limiting beliefs are not truth and reality

We live in a time where almost anything is possible. Our potential to achieve our dreams is available and waiting to be released. Who controls the release and work of our potential? We do. The first roadblocks we face are not physical hurdles, but the paradigms we’ve set up in our minds. Ask yourself, “what’s the real truth about that thought?”

Step Three: Get some feedback

If you want some real insight into your thoughts about your potential, find a couple of really close friends with whom you have regular conversations, and ask them for some feedback. Make sure you tell them up front this will in no way effect your relationship so they will not feel inhibited from giving you honest, but not hurtful, feedback. Remember, if they tell you with a loving heart, it may sting a little, but you can be in control of your feelings. It may just be that the reality of the situation is coming to life, bringing some pain which gives you the growth opportunity. Your thoughts have been transmitted with words and these people have been regularly exposed to your conversation, they will be the best source of finding those limiting paradigms.

Step Four: Understand Yourself

After getting some good feedback, review your notes and come to some conclusions. What are my limiting beliefs about myself? Now that you’ve captured them, you can start to change them. Everytime that thought pattern begins, you have the opportunity to change your thinking about yourself and that subject. This is the chance for you to reset that thinking thermostat to a new temperature and allow your new thinking paradigm to raise or lower the temperature to where you would like it to go.

Embark on a new journey to find those thought patterns that have kept you set at a lower level than you desire. We live in a time where releasing your potential and seeing the results has never been easier. New technologies allows us to communicate and perform on an almost instantaneous global level. Start today!

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