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Clear Vision U is here!!

If you’re the kind of person who wants to understand why you do what you do, why others do what they do and how you can interact with others to achieve greatness, have we got the experiential leadership training program for you.

Introducing Clear Vision U, our live on-site training series in Columbia, MO.

Based on years of developing leaders, we understand effective leadership training must move beyond simply “how-to’s”, that is why we’ve designed Leaders 1.0 as a combination learning/participative/experiential training environment.

We help you pinpoint exactly what it is you want to accomplish and lead you on a voyage of self-discovery that unlocks your potential, empowering you to achieve greater results in business and in life.

“When you know both yourself and others, you are never in danger. Know yourself, but not others and you have half a chance of winning. Knowing neither puts you in a position to lose.”- Sun Tzu

Leaders 1.0 is a total discovery process based on the premise“Great Leaders Are Not Born, They Are Made”

The ancient philosophers believed that most of us were to be led by a chosen, fortunate few.

Our Clear Vision U philosophy is that locked up inside you is a great leader waiting to be released. Our Leaders 1.0 training series is the composite training that begins the leadership journey of excellence.

Leaders 1.0 is a two-day training event with class size capped at approximately 20, because we want each participant to get as much from the experience as possible. Our leaders learn about themselves and others while enjoying a bonding experience a smaller group size provides.

The training runs each day from 8:30am to 6pm with frequent breaks and lunch provided each day.

You will learn about and experience:

  1. The Foundations of Leaders and Leadership

  2. Tapping into your hidden potential

  3. How to free your future

  4. Discovery of your WHY

  5. What motivation looks like

  6. What your motivations are

  7. Discovery of your HOW

  8. How to recognize different behaviors in yourself and others

  9. Criteria for personal goal-setting

  10. Change and resistance

  11. Effective and dynamic communication

You will leave with:

  1. Tools you can continue to use to grow yourself, your organization & your career

  2. A workbook that you will use as your personal leadership GPS

  3. A 10-year personal LENS blueprint

Investment for the Leaders 1.0 Class:

$499 for first time Clear Vision U attendees

$449 for any prior member of any class of the Leadership Columbia Program

$429 for any non-profit employee


August 25 & 26, 2011 Registration ends on August 11th.

September 22 & 23, 2011 Registration ends on September 15th.

October 20 & 21, 2011 Registration ends on October 13th.

December 1 & 2, 2011 Registration ends on November 24th.

Class size is limited to approximately 20, register now here.

Location:Announcing Soon!

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