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Constructing A Powerful Culture

Leaders often ask me “in terms of getting my people to work together to accomplish something big, where do I start?”

Here are some culture power-plugs to ponder:

  1. Make sure everyone has a chance to make a difference

Will everyone make a difference? Probably not. Not everyone will step up to be a leader; some will be content to be followers. That’s ok. Don’t judge them. You need followers. Do not make them feel bad. Your job is to make sure everyone has the chance to make a difference and take a leadership role.

  1. Everyone becomes a customer and sales fanatic

Everyone thinks and behaves like an owner. There is a fundamental difference between owners and renters. You can think that through and figure it out. What can you do to encourage people to think and behave like owners?

  1. What makes your organization different?

Make sure you have that positive differentiation between you and everyone else out there. Not just your direct competitors, because in reality you are competing with everyone on service and price. There are constant comparisons. Make sure what makes you different is clear to both your people and your customers.

  1. Continuity

It’s the other side of the “what makes you different coin”. What makes you stable? People like stability. Don’t make too many abrupt moves, especially without thoroughly explaining them to your people, and getting some input and feedback on what you are thinking about doing.

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