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Contrasting Viewpoints

If you are going to be the best leader you can be, you need to expose yourself to as many viewpoints as possible. This is one of the ways leadership is work. It’s important to get comfortable with various viewpoints from people.

Here are six common viewpoints:

One viewpoint is that we should learn as much as possible about everything possible.

One view point is that for anything we ever do, there should be some sort of return. If there’s nothing to be gained in return, we shouldn’t do it.

One viewpoint is that we should preserve as much beauty in everything as we can, every environment we are in should be artfully enhanced.

One viewpoint is that one should advance themselves to the highest position of authority and power as possible.

One viewpoint is that we should help other people no matter the cost or the consequence with expecting nothing in return.

One viewpoint is that we should never break with tradition, we should for the most part, keep things as they are.

There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these viewpoints. As a matter of fact, as a leader, a really as a person alive on Earth, you will deal with all of these viewpoints, possibly on a daily basis. You grow as a leader when you mature to the point you appreciate an understand all these viewpoints. This gives you the ability to navigate these human waters.

The only reason any of these viewpoints might be objected to is if they are not your own.

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