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Design Your Mornings Like Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was always the most exciting morning in my life as a kid.

It was hard to sleep the night before, thinking about the wonderful things that tomorrow morning would bring. Christmas morning always beat the others. First day of a new school year. Birthday. New ball season. They all paled in comparison with Christmas morning, with those first few waking moments, followed by excitedly jumping out of bed to find what great things lie in wait for me just a few feet away.

What if we could turn each morning of our lives into a Christmas morning? How could we do this?

What if we dedicated ourselves to start our day off right each morning by taking 30 minutes and reflecting on our goals? I’ve read hundreds of biographies and you’d be surprised at how many successful people got up early and started their day by reviewing their goals. One man in Korea re-writes his goals every single day to further entrench them in his mind!

Feed your mind a great breakfast. Do this by reading great books,  material and good ideas. For the first thirty to sixty minutes, put some great thoughts in your head. Tip: Don’t try to push through and read an entire chapter. Hey, if that’s your thing, go ahead, but I would suggest, simply read until something strikes you, write it down and capture that thought for the day. Quality is better than quantity. The Clear Vision blog is a good thing to “eat” each morning also!

Reflecting and learning is good, but also use some visualization. In other words, practice seeing yourself successful in your goals as if it were already a reality. I’m not saying you should re-write your goals every day like the man in Korea, but if you decide to do that exercise, be sure to write them in the present tense, not the future tense. Write them in the NOW. “I am earning x-amount of dollars” for example.

Plan your day in advance. What are you going to do today to advance toward your goals? Sit down and unwrap that day like you did your presents on Christmas Morning as a kid! Get that dreaming back. Get that excitement back. Get that anticipation back.

Practice this every morning in the coming week. It will dramatically make a difference!

Merry Christmas!

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