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Do It Now

Have you ever stopped to consider why we have piles on our desks? Sometimes we have piles on our shelves and even our floors? Why is this?

It’s because we don’t make effective, quality decisions about this stuff. The decision we make is to deal with it later, but this is not an effective quality decision. Why? Because we will have to deal with it at some point anyway! We put stuff on the back burner we plan on getting back to, instead of doing it now.

This is really not decision but indecision. It’s indecision because we will have to still deal with it on a delayed basis later.

If you want greater clarity and productivity and less stress, do it now.

When you start to put something down, is this where it should go? Should it be filed? Should it be passed on to someone else? Should it be trashed? Do it now.

Think you need to write a thank you note? Do it now.

Think you need to make a note? Do it now.

Read an article? Do it now.

If at all possible, do it, use it, read it, trash it….NOW!

You are likely not to come back to it until you are in a bigger rush than you are now.

If it is right in front of you and is actionable, do it now!

These simple steps and actions will improve your task and system acumen NOW.

Do it now!

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