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Don’t Chew Your Cud, Either Swallow Or Spit

Cows chew their cud…over and over again.

The cud is some of the food which they have already eaten the first time, and it has returned from their stomachs. In other words, it didn’t go down too well or they have regurgitated it again so they can continue to chew on it some more.

After a negative experience or a possible upcoming one, some people do the same thing. They mentally regurgitate it over and over. They chew on it again and again. They worry and fret..rinse, wash and repeat. Rather than digesting it and being in the moment, they waste full days of their lives they should be enjoying because they relive it and dwell on things, typically in a negative fashion.

Sometimes, they develop a sense of worry about upcoming related events because they have convinced themselves they are powerless to do anything about it. They relive it so many times, they convince themselves it will happen all over again.

They believe the only thing to do is worry about it, over and over like a cow chewing her cud.

A sense of disorganization just fuels the fire of irrational fear. On the other hand, when you get yourself organized, you self-create the feeling of being in control. If you have prepared yourself to the best of your ability for something that is coming up, that is all you can do. Now you should begin to feel in control because you are prepared.

If you have developed the bad habit (and that is what it is) of chewing the cud over and over again of worry and fretting, you are putting yourself in a powerless position. You are wasting precious time you could be enjoying.

On the other hand, if something negative has occurred and you have done your best to deal with it, now is the time for you to move on and bounce back. It’s time to make a rebound.

If it’s something you did wrong, admit your mistake, make it right, keep the lesson and swallow your pride and ego, then move on.

If it’s something someone is trying to project on you because they are feeling insecure or jealous, then spit it out and move it.

In the end, make a decision to deal with it one way or another, either swallow or spit.

The worst thing you can do is to keep yourself powerless and to continue to chew on it over and over.

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