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Engaging Empathy

Lack of empathy is the source of a variety of morale problems in organizations. Companies who have leaders who do not understand the perspective of those who work for them have higher rates of turnover. The total satisfaction rate in organizational climate surveys also tell us that morale in the company is suffering.

Co-workers who lack empathy with each other cause unnecessary conflicts which result in lost millions in productivity and left unchecked can cause big constraints on organizational growth.

When you begin to develop understanding around empathy, you must use both logic and emotional comprehension. You must take into consideration the reasons and logic behind the other’s point of view, as well as their feelings.

Empathy can begin by asking yourself “why did they do what they did?”

At the point of pondering this, rather than just conducting a surface level passing thought, conduct a deep dive yourself on this question. When you develop more mastery in understanding the perspective of others, you then can create an environment in which others feel respected and valued.

When people feel respected, heard and understood, they are more apt to listen and reciprocate to you the same. They become less change resistant and more open-minded.

This makes everyone more cooperative and conducive to helping you, as the leader, with your growth plans for the organization.

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