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Great Customer Service=Success

Everyone should be an expert in customer service.

Customer Service skills are used in just about every job and career. Sometimes, people fall into the trap of feeling as if they don’t have to learn customer service skills because they don’t deal directly with “customers”. While they may not deal with a specific group called “customers” externally, there are always your internal customers internally. Those that do a great job internally with co-workers, typically get promoted. They same is likewise with external customers, also.

People are people in any industry and should be treated as valuable customers.

Some skills and options that could be sharpened to develop customer service:

  1. Product Knowledge

  2. Active & Effective Listening

  3. Anticipation of Needs

  4. Empathy, make customers feel important and appreciated

  5. Appreciate the power of “yes”

  6. Know the boundries and give more than is expected

  7. Give regular feedback

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