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How Are You Celebrating?

Every human being has a deep need for appreciation.

We are at our best when we feel our work is connected to our purpose for being alive and we get an extra jolt when the results of that purposeful work is celebrated. Celebrated by others, celebrated by our organizations, even celebrated in some way by ourselves. Yet, many companies struggle with the idea of having fun at work.

I think the mistake we make in this is we want to buy creatively designed trinkets with colored blazed across them “let’s have FUN”, distribute them to everyone and proudly display them at our work stations or in our offices. It’s not about that.

Our celebrations have to be connected to actual victories we accomplish.

An effective celebration says “we did it!” or “YOU did it!”.

The victory can be anything you, the company or the person values. A sale, a goal or taking the company public. When we connect the celebration is connected to our wins, not we are actually having purposeful fun.

These kinds of celebrations cause people to feel a strong part of what the team is doing, it makes them feel larger than themselves by being connected to the whole of the organization. This causes them to be personally invested in ownership and accountability.

Peak performing organizations celebrate victories on purpose. When will you get started?

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