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How Are You Disruptive?

Disruption is a game changer.

Disruption takes a left-turn. It shakes things up. It literally changes the entire game. When disruption is present, it uproots and changes how we think about things.

It changes how we behave.

It changes how we do business.

When you think about this concept, think about:





Lasik surgery

Smart phones

Their very presence in the marketplace has changed “the box”. They have disrupted our thinking and our usage of their related product categories.

People can be disruptive also. Just like the companies I mentioned, your presence could be a catalyst for disruption. You have the ability to shift the paradigm and fly out of the box on occasion. You do this by using an innate gift and/or strength you possess that may not be present in a company, team or industry when you are not there.

Using your talents, you may displace:

An old way of thinking

An old way of doing business

An old way of delivery

An old way of service

And replace it with:

A distinct or breakthrough way of thinking

A distinct of breakthrough way of doing business

A distinct or breakthrough way of delivery

A distinct or breakthrough way of service

Believe it or not, most all of us have at least one disruptive skill. The game changes when we are present because of something we possess.

It could be:

Spatial gifts

Language gifts

Conceptual gifts

Futuristic gifts

Or thousands more

You may instinctively know or do these things without being cognizant of them. If you are not cognizant of them, you need to become aware of their presence and craft mastery around them. They are your game changer skills!

What is awesome also, it may not be one thing but convergence of a few skills at once.

If you have an intersection of these proficiencies, they may manifest themselves in the most unique way.

Make sure you are tuned into the feedback of others on your built-in strengths. One word of caution though, perhaps you have seen the new GE ad about new ideas. The ad cleverly tells the story of how rejected and lonely new ideas can be until they are finally accepted and even celebrated. Your disruptive skills can possibly be along these same lines. Don’t stop honing your skills even through these rough waters.

Ask yourself these key questions:

When do I feel the most energized, empowered and successful?

What specifically am I doing when I feel this way?

How can I put myself into positions and situations to have this happen more often?

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