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How To Be A Thankful Leader

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is an essential part of the heart of every great leader. Here are some effective things you might consider doing to enhance your enjoyment of the holiday and also to improve yourself and your leadership capacity, especially in the thankfulness arena.

  1. Set aside some time

Set aside some time on a regular basis for yourself in order to be reflective. If there’s anything we are short of today, it’s time. Technology has made it easier than ever for us to go faster and faster. Many times when we go faster, we miss things. Slow down on purpose, to take time to stock stock of all your blessings, and even find the good in a bad situation. It could always be worse, right?

  1. Set aside some mental energy

This goes along with the previously mentioned, but give some thought to your fortunate circumstances, whatever they may be. In today’s heavy consumer environment, we are very aware of what we do not have, so we need to purposefully concentrate on what we do have. Daily, remind yourself of at least two things you have, which you may be taking for granted. Give thanks for those things. I try during my “thankful time” to make a list of all I am thankful for.

  1. Become generous

Show generosity in some way toward those with less than you, but by the same token, try to restrict the temptation to be envious of those with more than you. Envy is a dangerous thing, it transforms into jealousy rather than commitment. A friend of mine, Jennifer Williamson,  just took her son and a friend to volunteer for a few hours at a food bank and it sounded like wonderful fun! This type of activity clenses the soul and keeps you authentic as a leader.

  1. Ask and be curious

Take some time to ask your friends and followers what they are thankful for. This type of leadership causes thankful reflection in others. It also opens deeper conversations which creates meaningful trust. It’s a great bonding exercise, be authentic and interested!

  1. Be sure to acknowledge

As a leader, you want to make sure you acknowledge those around you for whom you are thankful. Many times, we neglect to craft the words we need to express to those who are close to us or we depend on for so much. We need to be heartfelt and communicate how much they truly mean to us. You could take the time to write them a note, or maybe just stop them, look them in the eye and tell them what they mean to you.

I’m sure we will all do what we can to make the most of Thanksgiving this year, but it would be awful if we just exercised this thankfulness once per year. Let’s commit to make an increased and focused effort to recognize all the blessings and gifts we have at least once each and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you!

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