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How To Become A Leadership Champion

I am pretty excited! We are only a few days away from our first Leadership Champions Workshop in Columbia, MO. We have almost 20 people who are going to join us for a full day of fun, introspection, planning and transformation. It’s a workshop which has been a few years in the formulation and planning stage, now we are making it available and it is about to happen.

What is a leader? Now I’ve done it. How many books do you think there are on this? Many! We will simply give your our definition. A leader is someone who is focused on the future. They look at themselves and the future as a perfect match for each other, with the thought both will be shaped by a growth process. They love growth and will not be happy with a thought of the status quo. They want to be an influence with people and take them to places they would not go alone. They freely accept this responsibility for the wonderful feeling of accomplishment for all and the risk of accepting failure as their own. As you know, I have written much about this subject which is readily available, so I will not go on further here.

How do you become a champion? This is a little more easy. Really, it is, because it is not a process. You can become a champion right now, in this moment. The transformation is simple. You decide to be a champion. Leadership can be developed. We all become better leaders, but being a champion is a firm commitment you do not have to do twice.

Once is all it takes. A champion is not something you become, it is something you are. Once you have decided to behave like a champion, you begin to practice the habits of a champion. Champions are courageous fighters, they will not allow anything to interfere with their life journey. They understand obstacles and tough times will come, but they have resiliency to continue the journey. They are either up or in the process of getting up.

A champion’s dedication is their strength. Dedication for a champion means they never stop waging war. The opponents are fears, self-doubt, frustration, distraction and discouragement. These opponents must be constantly defeated in the mental capacities of the champion. They must constantly go back to the life changing decision and dedication they made to strengthen them against these battles of the mind.

It is something you are, not something you become. As you can see, being a champion does not happen when you win an award. Not when you are voted in. Not when you come in first in the race. Not when your company makes it. As they used to whisper in the Roman General’s ear during the conquering parade, “All glory is fleeting”. You may lose these things eventually, but you will always be a champion as long as you keep your commitment to be one.

Leadership Champions Workshop: Join me for a full day of leadership training on April 18th at the Stoney Creek Inn, Columbia, MO. We start at 8:30am and go to 4:00pm, lunch will be provided. This workshop is almost sold out, but we have a very few more spaces to go and registration ENDS FRIDAY . Come join us!

We will explore these and other leadership & personal development topics:

  1. Career limiting habits

  2. Why and how to execute for better performance

  3. How to develop your 5-year plan for excellence

  4. How to better communicate

We will deliver huge value on this 199.00 registration fee, spend a day with us improving every area of your life, career and business.

Register to join us by clicking HERE.

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