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How To Energize Relationships

Just about everything you will do in your business, in your career and in your life will depend largely on teamwork with people in which you have a relationship.

It doesn’t matter what your position or title is. It can be CEO, Janitor, Mother, Father, Child, Leader, Follower. It is going to rely on strong relationship power to accomplish your goals.

The more relationships you have and the more connected you are with them, the faster and easier it is to accomplish your objectives. You shouldn’t let your relationships run down, put as much energy into them as possible!

The give-get principle states you must give in order to get.

So, today, I’m listing a few things you might ponder and analyze where your current relationships are and how you might be able to put new energy into them.

1. Develop a love for learning

Look at your list of relationships. They all probably know things you need to know. Set up an appointment with them and tell them you want to draw from their well of knowledge. Most people like being recognized as an authority on a subject and they love a willing and eager listener.

2. Listen Actively

Call up a few of your relationships and tell them you have committed to being an active listener. Ask them if they need to talk and have someone to just listen for a while. Most people do need this, however, they are afraid of judgments and criticism. You make an upfront deal this will not happen. Commit to listen and suspend your inner dialogue and judgment.

3. Be helpful

Look at your list of relationships, call two of them and offer to help them in a way they need. They may not need your help but the thoughtful gesture will not be forgotten. If they do need help, follow through and over deliver of possible. Most everyone needs some kind of help.

4. Write a personal note of appreciation

Get a nice looking thank you note or use your personal stationary. Write them a heartfelt note of appreciation for something they did for you lately. Even more powerful is to write a note of appreciation for some personal quality or action you have seen them do lately. It’s nice when someone notices and acknowledges.

5. Be social

Host a party or get together. Especially invite those in your relationship circle you have not connected with in a while.

The best way to energize your relationships is through some simple, thoughtful gestures and a caring attitude. Put away any hidden agendas and just be a friend. Your energized, helpful relationships will be available when you need them, because you have given energy to them first.

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