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How To Identify Emerging Leaders

Succession planning is a process which has to be implemented and managed in every organization. Every leaders job includes finding the leaders of the future. Who are the people in your organization which have the potential to grow it to the next level? Senior leaders should always be looking for those emerging leaders to develop and shape for future responsibilities.

In many cases, you can identify those people already in your ranks. In other situations, they must be identified and brought in for further development. The first key is to be able to spot them. We’ve listed a few characteristics and traits here that can help you evaluate and select those emerging leaders.

1. Mental Toughness

You have seen them in situations which requires a rise in mental toughness. After all, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. A mentality such as this will be required to face tough situations and maintain focus on the important, not the merely urgent.

2. Resiliency

One of the skills we diligently seek data on for all leaders with which we work. It’s ability to recover quickly from adversity. When difficulty and adversity arise, they have a high propensity top continue toward the desired or stated goals. They also have a great ability to handle criticism and eat great critical feedback for breakfast.

3. Takes Responsibility

They do not accept responsibility, no, they take it. There’s a big difference. Some of your people will accept a mission if you ask them, these emerging leaders will look forward to the future and step up to ask you if they can take projects on.

4. Has Respect of Peers

This is a great way to spot your future leaders. Look to see who has already influenced many members of your current group. Do not be merely swayed by pure personality, but go deeper to look for true influence and respect.

5. Communication Skills

Do they speak well? Do they write well? Can they get their points across clearly and concisely? Is what they say memorable? How good are they at active listening? You can rate each of these and a few more on a scale of 1 to 5 to see where you think the gaps are while committing to coach them to even better success.

6. Desires to Disrupt the Status Quo

Sometimes, eager and futuristic thinking emerging leaders are quickly identified as disrupters. In the past, that may have been a negative, but now, the disrupter is regarded as an innovator and a highly desired indiviudal. Remember, leaders do not do business as usual, they are always looking for a better way or a new idea.

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