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How To Make A Connection Between Strategy and Execution

Execution in the today’s fast-paced business environment is more important than ever before. The reality is most organizations are doing a poor to marginal job of actually putting their strategy in motion or seeing results from it.


In most cases, the basics are probably missing.

Here’s a short list of basics which can help connect the dots and put your strategy in motion.

  1. Develop a clear vision- You must clearly define your mission, your vision and critical objectives.

  2. Get alignment- You must align your vision, mission, and objectives with your leadership and constituents. Make sure there is synergy between these elements to support satisfied and loyal internal customers, which in turn helps support satisfied and loyal external customers. All your processes and leadership behaviors must be geared toward staying on the same page to reach the same place.

  3. Teamwork- There are all sorts of management buzz words such as “collaboration”, “team building”, etc, which are an issue in many organizations, but in reality, they are mostly symptoms of:

a. No common purpose

b. No clarity on roles or responsibilities

c. No clarity on team behaviors

d. No clarity on measures of success

e. No clear accountability or regular systematic updates

When there is clarity on these areas, there may be some trust issues or conflict, but it is real and productive driving your team on to making your strategy actually come to life.

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