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If Your Employees or Followers Could Talk Straight With You

Do you ever wonder what kind of feedback you would get on your leadership if your employees or followers could actually talk straight with you and provide you with their thoughts?

Rather than spend time dealing with all the “wishes” and ‘wants” your employees would say or what they might think could make things better or what things you do could do better, I thought I’d provide you with a target list of things you could use to initiate goals for yourself in order to have better leadership performance and better comments from your people.

The Target List Of What You Want Your People To Say About You As A Peak Performing Leader

  1. My boss is a good communicator and helps me understand what I need to do

How well do your people understand their role and tasks? Great leaders make sure there is not much room for miscommunication here. These days, everyone is doing more with less, which means people are taking on more tasks and responsibilities. How are you doing making sure everyone on your team has clarity on this?

  1. My boss talks to me….and listens

There are two parts to communicating. Transmitting and receiving. Talking and listening. A good communication does both. Having developed the skill of suspending thoughts and judgments, while actively listening to what the other person is saying. If this person has been doing their job for a while, chances are they know much more than you about it. If you are actively listening, you just might learn something which could pay off huge for you and your organization. The main dividend that gets paid is your team member actually feels a part of things and feels they are being heard.

  1. When I get things right, my boss praises me

Homerun, big time. If your people do something right, praise them, publicly if possible.

  1. My boss tells me when I am off-track

Many leaders avoid giving improvement-oriented feedback. They might tend to avoid or side-step issues and stuff their feelings. However, peak performing leaders face issues head-on, building an improvement and results-oriented relationship with team members.

  1. My boss makes sure I get continual training

Training isn’t just for the people with offices and titles, it helps everyone improve. Peak performing leaders know that continual training helps organizational morale and team members’ self-esteem with confidence to continue to be better performers.

  1. My boss spends time with me

Leaders understand that people need to know you care about them. How do they know? Because you care enough to pause your busy schedule just to spend time with them on nothing in particular, just because you care about them.

  1. My boss shows me respect

Peak performing leaders know that those who give respect get respected. Showing and demonstrating respect to your team members builds trust.

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