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Is Your Heart In It?

I give a seminar on a regular basis called “The Road To Mastery”. This seminar is designed to scratch the surface and open our methodology for helping develop peak performers. In the training, I talk about the convergence of three areas on the road to mastery, those being your behavior, your motivators and your competencies.

Today, I want to draw a parallel between those three converging areas with three others.

  1. Your hands

  2. Your head

  3. Your heart

Most times, all of us go to work in our organizations with our hands. Our hands are at the ready, always moving, always working. Our hands are engaged. We’re driving, we’re signaling, we’re banging something out on a keyboard. Some of us might not even be able to talk if not for our hands! We’re talking and our hands are moving around with the skill of a judo professional. Wax on. Wax off. One thing is for sure, we are always using our hands a great deal of the time.

Our heads, well, they are engaged most of the time. They do have a tendency to wander frequently, because, after all, the hands are doing the work, while the head can be doing something else. We dream, we think, we engage in other activities with our heads while the hands work away diligently and purposefully. Occasionally, we pull the head back into the situation when we hit a wall or we have to engage.

Our hearts, well that’s a completely different story. Did you know we can go to work every day and do our jobs without ever engaging our hearts? We leave a huge amount of ourselves at home instead of bringing one of the most powerful parts of us to the job. Our emotional selves. What would happen if we brought the strength of our hearts every day to our endeavors?

  1. We’d have more energy

We strip ourselves of one of our major energy streams if we disconnect our emotions from what we do. Our hearts provides a rich vein of energy we can apply to our day if we believe in what we are doing. The Law of Reciprocity says if we give, we get. So energy from what we are doing will flow back to us as well, if we are giving energy to it.

  1. We’d be healthier

Studies have shown when you bring all of you to your efforts, you will be richly rewarded in more than just energy alone. That energy will translate into greater overall health.

  1. We’d get more done

There is no doubt if you are putting in more enthusiasm and energy, you are going to be more productive.

  1. We’d have more fun

It’s too bad, but a lot of people don’t even think this is possible. It’s not if only your hands are fully engaged, your head is half engaged and your heart isn’t engaged at all. When you allow yourself to FULLY engage, you will find more enjoyment for sure.

If you make the quality decision that no matter where you are and what you are doing that you are FULLY there (hands, head and heart), the difference is astounding.

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