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Is Your Leadership Inspiring?

Leadership has an interesting dynamic to it.

One one side, a leader must possess the ability to inspire people to follow them toward the intended destination. This means that people who will follow must be bought in on the place in which you are going, forsaking other pursuits and destinations to follow you and your destination or dream. On the other side, they must also believe in you as a person. They must believe you can successfully navigate to the defined destination and that you are worthy of all the sacrifice they may have to make along the journey to get there. So, they are not just bought in to the destination or possible results of going there, they must also be bought in to you.

On one hand, people are inclined to follow a leader. One the other hand, people don’t want to follow, because sometimes they are very skeptical.

What dissolves skepticism?


People must be inspired before they will put aside personal agendas to put yours, as a leader, first. Followers must believe in the person they look to as a model for emulation. Leaders are asking people to put aside some of their personal priorities to make your priorities their own.

The most important thing is, you are asking them to believe in you. You, as leader, are worthy of the sacrifices. One of the primary things all leaders must do is create and maintain trust because they will not trust you unless they are inspired to do so. The trust must be earned. You may be the leader they have been searching for all their lives, but you still must inspire them and continue to do so along the journey.

Nothing inspires people more than an inspired person.

Things which inspire people

  1. Showing integrity

  2. Unshakable belief

  3. Being truthful

  4. You mean what you say and follow with actions

  5. Living privately how you live publicly

  6. When you make a mistake, admit it

  7. Showing true humility

What other ways do you feel leaders inspire people they lead?

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