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Lead Your Mood

Part of learning to lead yourself is learning how to lead your own emotions and reactions. In other words, leading yourself is leading your mood.

Bad days happen. Tires go flat. Alarm clocks malfunction. Dogs eat homework. But how things affect your day and your mood, is all up to you. Every person in the office affects the overall atmosphere. When co-workers are in a bad mood, others feel it, and customers feel it. The same goes for customers, when they are in a bad mood, the whole office atmosphere can be affected. Being aware of your mood and your reaction is a top priority.

The first step to a better day is CHOOSING to have a better day!

5 quick fixes to re-set your mood:

1. Dance It Out!

“Emotion is created by motion” Tony Robbins

Meredith and Christina really had something there. Turn on your favorite song and dance. Not a dancer? No problem. Turn on your favorite song and take a walk. Anything to get up, get moving, and shake it off!

2. It’s all Sunshine and Rainbows.

“Turn your face toward the sun and let the shadows fall behind you” Maori Proverb

Get out in the sun and put on your favorite piece of yellow clothing. The color yellow is often associated with sunshine, and both are associated with optimism, and can boost serotonin levels.

3. Get in a good giggle!

“Laughter is an instant vacation” Milton Berle

Listen to a comedy show, play a funny song, read some jokes, look back at funny photos in your phone. Anything that will make you giggle and laugh. It helps to produce endorphins.

4. Do something nice for someone else and spread “good” moods.

“Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around” Bill Watterson

Buy someone lunch, write someone a thank you note, get someone a cupcake. Bringing a smile to someone else will instantly uplift your own attitude about the day as well. With this one, be sure to be heartfelt, not fake!

5. Breath deep; pray or mediate.

“Things won’t get better until you think better”Karen Salmansohn

And if you can, get a massage. “Venting” to someone else about the negative situation that caused your bad mood will only prolong the negative thoughts. Instead redirect your thoughts to things that are positive and uplifting. It’s also a great time to pull out your gratitude list. Review some of the things your grateful for and remind yourself of how blessed you are.

To learn more about emotions, how they affect you and others check out our EQ guide here.

For more leadership coaching insights, sign up for the Monday Morning Coaching Memo.

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