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Leaders Know Change Starts With Us

Our lives are in a constant state of transition. Life is always moving forward; nothing ever remains the same.

We are continuously being transported, sometime suddenly, other times gradually into the new, the different, the unexpected and the untried. As leaders, change is one of the most important factors for us and our organizations, yet most do not manage change effectively and positively.

4 Types of Change

1. It happens TO us- unexpected or anticipated change which affects us personally. It affects our families and careers.

2. It happens AROUND us- It affects our society, state, nation or world and also has some impact on us personally or on our way of life.

3. It happens WITHIN us- It affects WHO WE ARE, it can happen physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

4. It happens because WE INITIATE it- It’s created by plans we have implemented in order to move us from the present to a preferred future.

We become better change leaders and facilitators when we embrace and practice change. Gradual change, experienced on a daily basis is relatively easy for people to handle. It’s the sudden, unexpected change which causes us to fear or meltdown.

Psychologists have discovered human beings actually crave a certain amount of change. Many of us fight this inner longing. We believe we will be happier in the safe and secure world of the known. Avoiding change and growth is the most dangerous place to be as a human. Let me say, though, it IS scary dealing with the unknown! It IS confusing to move away from the familiar!

The unfortunate part is, that is exactly where opportunity and growth reside.

One of our biggest tasks of leadership is dealing with change. It calls for us to be:

  1. Open minded

  2. Opportunity oriented

  3. Question oriented

  4. Looking for better ways of doing things

The best kind of change is the change we initiate ourselves. Change we implement to become better equipped as leaders to deal with inevitable change we will experience. Here are a few things you can practice to be more change friendly:

  1. Read a Lot- Your personal library may be your most important legacy. It only takes one idea from one book or article to take your life or business to an entirely new level. Someone has already been where you want to go or have been through what you are going through.

  2. Journal a Lot- The best way to makes sense of your life and the things around it is to reflect on it and clarify it.

  3. Have a Lot of Conversations- Have conversations with people who fascinate you and frustrate you. Learning from people you don’t agree with is a great growth tool.

  4. Have a Lot of Adventures- Try as many new things as you can handle. Try new foods, new places and new people. You get the idea. It will make you more creative, for sure.

  5. Listen a Lot- Become interested and stop trying to be interesting. Become a picker of the greatest brains you can find.

Nothing will get you through change better than learning faster!

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