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Note Power

There is an extreme amount of power in the handwritten note.

I was thrilled this week to open my mailbox and find a wonderful handwritten note in a small envelope from my neighbor’s daughter who just graduated High School. We had attended her graduation party and given her a gift. She included in her note a nice thanks for the gift and also let us know she used the money to purchase a computer to help her with going to college next year.


How much wonderful emotion we felt that we had given into someone’s future.

Handwritten notes are important and say something about who you are and your sincerity in regards to your message in the note. You may have heard this is a key strategy when interviewing for jobs. Yes, it’s true, and yet, fewer and fewer people do it.

You can send an email or even more popular these days, a tweet.

However, the real power is in the handwritten, heartfelt note.

It’s value is universal, in every situation in life, no matter the role we are playing. People love to get them.

I recieved two more notes this past week from participants in the Columbia Chamber of Commerce Leadership Columbia 2011 program. I had provided 14 leadership training session for the class. The notes were amazing. A wonderful, sincere payoff for weeks of sharing and support. A feeling of accomplishment for sowing into another person’s growth and development and confirmation of accomplishing my personal mission.

Handwritten notes are a source of power for leaders. They should reflect genuine thanks and gratitude. Are you writing someone you appreciate a note today?

You really should.

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