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Resolutions For Your Business Year

Welcome to 2018! Most everyone has made resolutions when the New Year rolls around. We vow to eat better, lose weight, exercise more or give up something like smoking. Most of these promises we make to ourselves last at best to around Valentine’s Day. Six weeks is around the time when the pain of change becomes too intense and we succumb to old habits and break the resolution we were so convinced we could do in this new beginning.

The thing to keep in mind is, adopting resolutions is not just about goal setting or promises. What your objective really revolves around is behavior change. Depending on how long you have been practicing certain behaviors is equivalent to how hard it is going to be to alter or change them.

Perhaps you remember the movie “Shawshank Redemption”? In the movie, the character “Brooks” portrayed by James Whitmore has been in prison most of his adult life. Once he gets paroled into the world outside the prison walls, he finds it hard to change his behaviors to adapt and cope with his new world.

As leaders, some of our own behaviors have become institutionalized also and we may find it hard to change them. But, what the heck, it’s a new year and an opportunity to grow ourselves and get better, so here are eight ideas for your consideration:

1. I will look for the best positive people I can find and pay them as best I can.

The best way to build an organization is by getting the best positive people. Your true leverage occurs through the abilities and talents of the people on your team. If you want to get the best, plan on compensating them well. Turnover is always costly. Make sure they have a healthy positive outlook and attitude on life and work.

2. I will root out all negativity on my team.

As an addendum to resolution 1, you cannot afford chronic negativity. Too much negativity is a team and organization killer. It doesn’t matter how talented someone is, if they are negative and spread negativity, they will cost you more than help you gain. Everyone has a bad day from time to time, but chronic negativity is not healthy and beyond your scope of help as a leader. Get some relief for your team and yourself. Take action on this today.

3. I will stop multitasking.

Face it; multitasking causes you to be less productive not more. Being super busy does not equal productivity. You may simply be addicted to chaos and adrenaline and you mask it by calling it multitasking. Turn off everything that distracts you and commit to focusing on things, which move the proverbial needle.

4. I will have no more than 100 emails in my inbox.

I wanted to say 50 but I didn’t want to put too much on you right away! Deal with indecision on your email. Look at it once and make a decision on what to do with it. Put it in a folder for follow up, take action or delete it. Take some time to sort through all your old emails and do one of those three things then manage forward. Try to get to 50 in your inbox by July 1st.

5. I will focus on less, not more.

Start with yourself and then help your team with this. Some things can only grow in a healthy way by pruning them back. What items on your list can be pruned back or eliminated leaving only the strongest strategic items on which you can give your full focus?

6. I will start journaling.

Consistent journaling is a leadership best practice. Getting all the thoughts out of your head and on paper is a way to clear out your head and focus. Your brain is designed to have ideas, not hold ideas. You will be amazed how better you feel not having to walk around with so much in your conscious thinking. Also, it’s a great way to daily check on your progress with these behavior changes.

7. I will do more of the things that make me happy.

Make sure you are running your organization rather than it running you. When you are low on energy and overwhelmed, you are not furthering your cause. Make a small list of things that make you happy & relaxed and do them more often this year.

8. I will forgive & release those who have wronged me.

Many people who don’t like to be controlled allow others to control them through unforgiveness. Let it go and let them go. Allow relief and peace of mind to help you to stay energized and succeed.

For more insights like these, sign up for my Monday Morning Coaching Memo.

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