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School Is Never Out For Leaders

There is no secret formula for succeeding as a leader or in business. There are only principles you learn and apply. As a leader, school is never out, class is always in session. You should always be studying what adds to your growth and what potentially subtracts from it.

The leaders of tomorrow are students of possibility, they are constantly raising questions, issues, debating them and resolving them. They are always in creation mode of a vision both personally and organizationally of what they and their organization can become.

They study people who have generated success, people who are in the process and people who have failed. This constant study yields an abundance of knowledge and experience without the actual trial and error.

In fact, often in our seminars concerning mastery, we talk about maintaining the beginner’s mind. The exercise of always being in learning mode and maintaining a fresh perspective. What do you think would happen if you put yourself in the position mentally that each day you told yourself this was your first day on the job? You would see your business or organization in an entirely different light. You would be thinking fresh thoughts and more than likely you would be more on your game. On your first day on the job, you are in high learning mode, and if you are in a management position, you are looking for places to improve and change.

You were probably asking a lot of questions. Your curiosity was very high about every aspect of the company and your role in it. Over time, we assume the DNA of the organization and we become indoctrinated. Things just have to be a certain way. Leaders should spend a lot of time with new employees on their first 90 days because this is before they are totally assimilated into the company. For many, this is when the best ideas come, because they have such a fresh perspective on everything they encounter.

When you have a fresh perspective, you see some interesting things.

Here are a few:

You accept change better. Leaders who treat change as the enemy will always fail. Change is constant and effective leaders read the business environment and make adjustments to use change to the highest advantage.

You promote change better. Leaders let employees know change is part of the DNA of the organization. It’s a naturally occurring event in which we must always align. It’s always the biggest opportunity if we identify it and work with it correctly.

Your leadership agenda is always in flux. Nothing is sacred if the change warrants it. The biggest allies and enemies of the leaders can be always and never. You must know when to use each in proper context. Leaders must be prepared to always reexamine their agenda and adjust accordingly.

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