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Some Good Things About Conflict

If you don't want any part of conflict, why in the world would you ever want to be a leader or in management? Research indicates that managers spend between 40% and 90% of their time dealing with conflict. Well, if we are going to spend that much of available time dealing with it, why not get the most out of it? Having that in mind, what are some good things that come through having conflict?


Conflict is a wake-up call that the status quo is not working any longer and change must happen. This signals an opportunity for us to change and to grow.


Many times, we don't change until the pain of staying the same surpasses the pain of change. At this point, the pain of clinging to our present state seems unbearable. When conflict motivates self-reflection and change, it's a good thing.

It could help you end some relationships you've struggled with ending

Conflict can sometimes help us realize we need to improve our people skills. If the conflict is a never-ending repeated cycle, then it's a pattern and definitely needs to be addressed.


Some of the worst behavioral conflict problems I have faced also spurred me into my most creative work. Trying to be creative and innovative on how to address and solve some particularly challenging conflicts with another human being can be a good thing for you.

Kills Mediocrity

Sometimes when you are forced to re-arrange team dynamics due to conflict issues, it catapults a team into a productive cycle they haven't seen in a while. Sometimes, when things run too smooth, teams have a bad habit of falling into a comfort zone and then become mediocre rather than the great team which lies in their potential.

Closing thought:

Conflict can cause confidence. You will not solve any conflict with another person if you do not believe you can. When you believe in yourself that you can resolve the issue, and you do it successfully, it breeds and energizes confidence. So, another good thing about conflict is, if handled properly, it can instill more confidence.

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