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Staying On Leadership Message

Culture is formed from words and their meanings. Language has a great deal to do with culture. Almost every particular industry has it’s own pattern language each person who enters that industry must learn in order to clearly understand what is happening, what has happened or what is about to happen.

The same thing is true about leadership.

Your leadership language speaks volumes about the culture. I think people are mostly unaware how their language shapes the world they live in. If you are uncertain about this quirky fact, go up to someone, even someone you know well and ask this:

“What’s the good word today?”

See how much they struggle to give you an answer. Most can’t come up with a good word, or any word at all. As leaders, you should be asking yourself and others this question:

“Are people talking about and thinking about the most important things, the things that will help us reach our most important objectives?”

If not, why not? It could be because your language as leader doesn’t reflect those particular items that are going to move your organization forward. Same thing for you as an individual, are you thinking about and talking about the most important things that will help you move your life forward?

Make yourself a more effective leader today by:

  1. Determine the most pressing and important issue, challenge or goal you or your organization is facing.

  2. Make that your message.

  3. Find innovative and creative ways to share that message several times a day and week. (This works really well to yourself, program it to pop up on your computer and cell phone!)

This is strategic leadership at it’s best. Create the conversations and language that will shape your culture to be more effective doing the right things. And….you’ll ALWAYS have a good word to share!

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