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Stress and Control

Stress is the biggest killer in our society today.

Stress when not released in a healthy way can release toxic chemicals into our bodies which cause some pretty bad long-term effects. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received regarding stress is:

Stay within your control.

What’s that mean?

For you to manage the day-to-day stress as a leader and to remain healthy and happy, make the effort to only focus upon that which is within your control. There’s a lot of stress today and much of it is centered on things that are out of your control. This is particularly hard on certain leaders’ personal behavioral styles which, when not modulated correctly, constantly drive them to be in control. This leads to stress, because you can not control everything, and in many cases, hardly anything, besides your attitude.

Try this.

Make a list of things that you can’t control. Here’s a few:

  1. Political change or decisions

  2. Broad Economics

  3. Social Trends and fads

  4. Technology Advances


  6. The Weather

  7. Other people’s actions or attitudes

These are things that are outside of your control. Especially, other people’s actions and attitudes about you. Think of it this way, what other people think of you is none of your business.

Things you can’t control are not outside of your understanding and utilization. Leaders who worry about these things concerning their businesses typically don’t understand the concepts of these things and subsequently how to prepare for them. You can’t control a technological advance in your industry. But if you understand it and know how it works and what effects it can have, then you can adjust or adapt it into your company and stay in step with your competition.

If you understand and are in touch with social trends and fads, then you are able to adapt certain aspects of them into your product or service. If not, you can be perceived by your current and potential customers as out of touch.

Once you accept that you cannot control or manipulate these things and you start seeking some competency with them, amazingly, the stress seems to subside.

Now, make a list of those things that you can control. Here’s a few:

  1. Changing your business model

  2. Getting better people

  3. Getting your product to market in a better way

  4. Changing how you present and brand your business

  5. Stamping down silos and plugging communications breaks inside your company

These things are workable and can be modified.

It’s always easier (and less stressful) to focus on managing those things that are within your control and be prepared and educated on those things outside your control.

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