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The 5 Mandatory Sales Core Competencies

Lately, I’ve been tweeting a lot around the subject of the science of high performance. A couple of the concepts I’ve been consistently tweeting revolve around maintaining a positive attitude through adversity and also stretching yourself the appropriate amount in order to create growth in your skills sets, employee development and tangible results. If you haven’t yet, you can follow me on Twitter at @tonyrichards4 and our Clear Vision company account @clearvisiondev.

In order to be disciplined and stay focused on your vision, you must find a way to maintain a positive attitude #CEO #leadership #businessnews @tonyrichards4

There is hardly a section of your organization that is more easily measurable with metrics than in sales. Who you decide to put into your Sales Management positions and also in Sales People position are some of the most important talent selections you will make. Our company has access to research that has been conducted over at least 21 years with well over 1.7 million salespeople and sales managers in the database of results and data.

1. Rejection Proof:

Top salespeople continue asking questions long after other salespeople have given up, allowing them to close opportunities that others have walked away from.

2. Comfortable Talking About Money:

This strength allows top salespeople to have the conversations other salespeople don’t have after a prospect says that they either don’t have a budget or don’t have enough money in the budget.  Top salespeople excel at helping their prospects find the money.

3. Great at Hunting: 

Top salespeople have pipelines with opportunities that are both high in quantity and quality.  With so much being written about the relatively new BDR and SDR roles that allow good salespeople to focus on meetings while lower paid and lesser skilled reps make the first calls, this would suggest that the best salespeople do well because they are scheduling their own calls and meetings.

4. Thinking Positive Thoughts: 

Their beliefs support ideal sales outcomes while other salespeople struggle with beliefs that sabotage their efforts.  Beliefs affect behavior and behavior drives results.

5. Doesn’t Need to Be Liked: 

This strength helps top salespeople listen and ask questions, challenge when appropriate and push back when necessary, all of the key components of an effective consultative seller.  This component of Sales DNA is also a requirement for selling value.

The best athletic performers in the world know exactly how they do the things they do to make themselves high performance producers. In addition to skill, they work harder than everyone else to master the mechanics and nuances of their professions. They also possess the right mindset which positions them for success on a continual basis, they are very accustomed to winning and almost surprised when they fall short. Because it doesn’t happen often! What is interesting is that most salespeople do not really know what it is that makes them successful, so when external circumstances change, they are completely lost about how to handle it.

Hopefully this short list of the highest scored and most needed competencies will help you in evaluating each of your current salespeople and of course, we have the employee development tools to give you accurate evaluations and also game plans on how to improve your existing sales management and sales team.

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