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The Bad Day Strategy

Many leaders often find themselves down and a little depressed. The truth is outside events really have nothing to do with you. The weather really has nothing to do with your mood. 🙂 Or maybe you get a little bad news or something doesn’t go just right, and before you know it, you have predicted today is going to be “one of those days”, and sure enough, it becomes “one of those days.”

Guess what? Good days are within your complete control. Sure, sometimes clinical issues and chemical imbalances can cause these things, but the common “bad day” or “bad mood” is controllable.

We control our thoughts and our thoughts control our stress and our mood.

Tactics To Whip The Bad Day:

1. Have goals. Not only have them, put your focus on them, knowing each day brings you closer to attaining them. Forward momentum will empower you and make you feel accomplished.

2. Your Gratitude List. Make a list of at least 35 things you are thankful for. Once you have made your list, close your eyes and experience the good feelings these thankful thoughts bring.

3. Help someone else. Enough said.

4. Change your physiology. Stand up. Sit up straight. Take deep breaths, raise up your chin and head. Put out your chest. Smile. Do something to break your current body status into something more positive.

5. Keep yourself active. Boredom follows lack of activity and bad moods follow prolonged boredom. Do something active and productive.

6. Get some exercise. There are limitless benefits to regular exercise to the body and mind.

7. Be very reasonable. Do not let the false association of one event screw up the rest of the day. There is almost no relationship between these events unless you link them. Just because you stubbed your toe when you got out of bed does not ruin your day!

Flip your focus! Try focusing on the good things in your life, what has been, what is and really, what can be! You are a leader and you have people counting on your strength. Be relentlessly positive when things try to shift your attitude! You whip the day and the day doesn’t whip you.

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