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The Basics of Alignment

One of the most important items that must be calibrated constantly and be functioning correctly is the alignment of your organization. There are three basic things you, as the leader, must align so you can move your organization forward. Let us also consider the opposite, what does misalignment do to your organization?

Have you ever driven a car with some or all of the wheels out of alignment? Sometimes, with just one wheel misaligned, you have to fight to keep the car on the road with a very rough and bumpy ride. After driving this car for a while, your hands ache and your shoulders hurt because you have to work so hard just to keep the car on the road or to prevent your car from running into another car. This is how important alignment is in your organization.

The first thing that has to be in alignment in your organization is your talent. If you don't get the WHO right, the WHAT and the WHERE are irrelevant. Talent alignment is critical for your organization to arrive where it is going and where you are directing it. You can't just hire anybody. It's better to have an opening than to have the wrong person. The opening won't hurt you, but the wrong person absolutely will.

The second thing that needs alignment is your purpose. Your organizational purpose is your WHY. Unless people are aligned with their WHY and the organization's WHY, they will not be able to give the attention, focus and energy to the results you expect.

Third, you must align your processes, your HOW. Processes don't work, you have to work the processes. They don't work the same way every time, in every situation. You have to make sure your talent, your purpose and your processes are all aligned. Unless the HOW is done right, every step forward will be laborious, error-filled and worst of all, SLOW in your organization.

When all of these things are in alignment in your organization, it will operate much smoother, more effective, efficient and your leadership role will be that much more enjoyable and fruitful.

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