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The Basics of the Law of Correspondence

There are laws that govern our success in business and in life. We must observe the power of these laws and use them to help propel us forward and help us get what we want.

Today I am going to share with you the Law of Correspondence, which basically says:

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world; it corresponds with your dominant patterns of thinking.

The principle of this law plays itself out through millions of people every single day. Behind this principle is the explanation of why many people are perhaps unhappy and not satisfied with their current status and performance. I have spent more than twenty years of study in this area and I am still amazed at its truth and effects. When you begin to understand that your outer world reflects your inner world in every way, you come to know that nothing can happen for you in the long term until it corresponds to something you have developed inside of you first. If you want to change, modify or improve anything in your life, career or performance, you must begin by changing the inner aspects of your mind and your thinking.

Your greatest accountability you hold is to yourself. You must create within yourself the equivalent of what you want to experience on the outside. This includes your identity, your self-concept, and your self-esteem. These powerful concepts are the inner support system you need to develop to create goals on the inside that you can then match and achieve on the outside. Your relationships reflect back to you the person you are on the inside. Your attitude and your environment are a reflection of the way you think most of the time.

This is not the easiest thing for most people to accept, because it is much easier to blame or believe that others are at fault for the problems in our lives. Many people want to believe that external circumstances are the reason they are where they are. Many people will become frustrated and angry when they hear that they have been the architects of the life they are living. It’s much easier to demand that others change first and that circumstance must change first, but they do not want to initiate the change on themselves first.

You will find that no matter what religion or school of thought you study, the Law of Correspondence will be in it to some degree and in some form. It is a vital key to personal achievement and performance. Stop and consider for a moment that you only control one thing in this entire world and that is the way you think. The good news is, when you take control over the way you think, especially how you think about yourself, you are really taking control over all aspects of your life. Just making the decision to think and talk about what you want and refusing to think and talk about what you don’t want, you become in charge of how your outer world is constructed.

How you can use this law right now:

1. Look for examples where your inner-thinking and your outer circumstances parallel. How does your current situation in your career and performance correspond to how you think and talk and your attitude?

2. Journal the changes you believe you need to make in how you think and feel about yourself. Once you have them down and clear, what actions can you take in your thinking that will begin to work its way to your outer world?

Finally, I want to share this with you. There is no limit to how much better you can think and feel about yourself, which then means there is no real limit to how much better your life, career, and performance can become. The key is that you must start the process now.

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