• Tony Richards

The Critical Decision

Each time something is presented to you, you make a critical decision. It usually goes one way or another.

You can believe in what was presented and begin to use it.


You can choose not to believe in it and not use it.

Anytime you are asked to believe and commit to something new, you have to make the same critical decision. You have the key to your own house. You can unlock the door and let it in or you can keep the door locked and reject it.

Do you believe it and then act on it or do you choose not to to believe it and continue your current path?

We know that to get to a new destination or get new results we must make an adjustment or do something different, yet many will continue the insanity of the same continuous action or direction, while still hoping for a better result or different destination. This inaction of change results in the same doom loop of results you desperately want to change.

There will be no change in the final results or destination without the critical decision to believe something different and follow with action. In addition, remember the decision to not believe and not act is still a critical decision that carries results as well.

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