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The Path of Leadership Mastery

What are the results of continual mastery? Leaders take people to places they would not go themselves. This is one of our primary identification traits of leaders. Leaders integrate mastery into all areas of their life. In other words, it is not a 9 to 5 job for them, it is their lifestyle. It is how they live. Leaders move toward being a master one step at a time, always pushing themselves forward to be a little better day by day, week by week and year by year.

Leaders simply measure their success by the quality of each of these steps forward, no matter how large or small they may be, it is the quality of the step forward that really counts. Once these leaders have taken several steps forward they can now lead those who need someone to show them the way. Master leaders are always refining and developing this process.

Here are some of the tactical ways leaders approach mastery:

A master is a perpetual student. Master leaders are always concerned about what they do not know. I am often amazed at what I didi not know just a week or two ago. There is always more to learn about people, business, economies, marketing, culture and other key components to your leadership success and failure. Masters understand the universe has untold secrets we are yet to discover and the discovery of those things makes it more exciting. When leaders start to believe they have nothing left to learn, thus begins the decline of mastery rather than the trajectory toward it.

A master never consider themselves to be on top. Master leaders know they exist to serve in many capacities. Master leaders work like they have accomplished hardly anything. There is only one way to coast and that is on a decline not an incline.

Masters always experiment. Master leaders are always questioning the status quo. Where can we go? What if we did this? Why shouldn’t we go there? Questions are the power tools of the master leader.

Mastery is a journey, not a destination. Your mindset is key. Just as leadership is not defined by a position, mastery is not a place you arrive. It is a never-ending goal and pathway leaders choose to travel. Master leaders behave differently than average leaders. They take the journey for what it will make of them, not necessarily of where it will get them. The road less traveled always makes all the difference.

What else can you add to my leadership mastery list?

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