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The Power of Language In The Culture

Language plays a critical role in any culture. Words, phrases and their meanings create mental imagery which capture the hearts and minds of people.

All people have a need and desire for greatness, whether they admit it or not. Everyone truly wants to be viewed as unique and special and above all valued for who they are. When we interview, try-out for and join groups and organizations, we believe we have been chosen from the other candidates because we are, after all, “the best”.

We carry with us and manifest certain expectations, visions, thoughts and beliefs we bring to our work environment every day and through them we interact with our colleagues, customers, and our supervisors because we are seeking to fulfill personal dreams and aspirations.

The potential for organizations to reach their full potential is in many ways, determined by the atmosphere they create. What determines the atmosphere? Quite simply, the quality of the relationships. Relationship quality is a result of the level of conversations and the behavior of the people involved.

As the leader, you must create the environment which encourages conversations of these sort, which enables people to connect, co-create and cross-function. As the leader, you absolutely must realize each person’s value, while guiding and directing the entire ship to it’s greatest and fullest potential. You must feed each person’s desire for greatness while simultaneously keep the organization focused and directed toward the collective vision, mission and purpose.

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